Rome Re-Lived: Sabatini’s stylish dominance; Nadal and Federer’s 2006 classic

We begin this week’s Tennis Re-Lived in 1992 when Gabriela Sabatini won her fourth title in Rome, beating Monica Seles in her prime in the final.

How come Sabatini had such a special connection with Rome? In what way did she manage to make Seles’ game seem a bit limited in that match? And why have Sabatini’s achievements faded from tennis conversation?

Then, we go back to 2006 to cover Rafael Nadal’s epic five set win over Roger Federer. In what way was Nadal kryptonite for Federer in this period? How has he developed his game since then? And might victory for Federer have changed the course of his rivalry with Nadal on clay?

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