Marion Bartoli – Winning Wimbledon, Overcoming Anorexia, Coaching Ostapenko

Before leaving Melbourne, Catherine Whitaker and David Law spent an hour in the company of Marion Bartoli. What followed was, we believe, one of the most powerful and important podcasts we’ve ever done.

Topics include how Bartoli came to play double-handed on both sides, the way tennis affected her relationship with her father and brother growing up, why she felt like a failure after losing the 2007 Wimbledon final, what it felt like to finally win Wimbledon in 2013, her sudden retirement from the sport, the dark place she was in while suffering from anorexia, how she overcame it, the current state of the WTA Tour, whether Serena Williams will overtake the Grand Slam record, and coaching Jelena Ostapenko.


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