Billie Jean King - The Interview

This episode is a conversation between Catherine Whitaker and Billie Jean King. 

Through stories about the Battle of the Sexes, the Original 9, the awarding of equal prize money at the US Open in 1973, her time spent with Bud Collins, and knowing Althea Gibson, Billie Jean connects the past with the present, explaining why it’s so important to know your tennis history and how it impacts the modern game. 

Now 77-years-old, Billie Jean’s love for tennis and her desire for it to be as good as it possibly can be shine through. She makes the case for there to be more team events, recognises some elements which are holding the sport back, but ultimately provides an optimistic message about tennis’ future, buoyed by the direction leaders such as Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff are taking it. 

There are moments of intense introspection, too, as she talks candidly about her struggle to be her authentic self, her regrets, the challenges of competing at the top level in your late 30s, what it means to ‘stay in the room’, and the responsibility that comes with having her name on the Billie Jean King Cup. 

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