Aus Open Day 12 - Mount Medvedev too much for Tsitsipas

Just when Stefanos Tsitsipas thought he’d scaled his Everest by beating Rafael Nadal, he ran into Daniil Medvedev. The Russian picked apart Tsitsipas’ game for his 12th consecutive win over a Top-10 player to set up a final meeting with Novak Djokovic. 

In part one of this podcast we discuss the match, including the way the crowd influenced both players, the deceptive brilliance of Medvedev, whether Tsitsipas was fatigued, the simmering aggro, and Medvedev’s shot of the tournament contender. 

In part two, we speak to Simon Briggs to get his views on Medvedev’s appeal in the UK, to hear about his interview with Naomi Osaka’s fitness trainer, to discuss the news that the Australian Open is set to cost Tennis Australia $100m, and to ponder what’s next for the sport in these uncertain times. 

The Tennis Podcast is presented by Catherine Whitaker and David Law, and features Matt Roberts. It is produced weekly year-round, and daily during the Grand Slam tournaments.


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