Rome - Pliskova and Nadal Take Titles; Djokovic, Konta ... Kyrgios

While Karolina Pliskova was a surprise first-time winner of the women's title, Rafael Nadal lifted the Rome trophy for a mind-boggling ninth time, defeating his ultimate rival Novak Djokovic in three sets.

What has made Pliskova a force on clay? How has the woman she beat in the final, Johanna Konta, gone from a player that couldn't win more than 3 clay matches in a season to a runner-up in one of the biggest red dust tournaments in the world? And where does this leave us in terms of favourites for the French Open title?

Rafael Nadal had not won a title all year, until now. But was it fair that Novak Djokovic had considerably less time to prepare for their final? What happened in the final to swing it Nadal's direction? And is the Spaniard favourite for a 12th title in Paris?

And what about Nick Kyrgios after his explosive interview on No Challenges Remaining and subsequent default from his second round match in Rome?

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