Roger Federer - 100 Titles; Nick Kyrgios Goes Loco In Acapulco

At the end of a thrilling week of tennis in Dubai and Acapulco, there was no shortage of talking points for David Law and Catherine Whitaker on The Tennis Podcast.

They begin by trying to find new superlatives for Roger Federer after he won his 100th career title. How fitting was it that it came in Dubai, a place where Federer has had his ups and downs? How well did he play throughout the week? What did he do differently to get revenge on Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final? And can he now go on to catch Jimmy Connors’ Open Era record of 109 titles?

In Acapulco, we saw the whole Nick Kyrgios package, and wasn’t it wonderful? But have we learned anything new about Kyrgios? Or just been reminded of what we already knew? His comeback against Nadal is discussed, his demolition of Alexander Zverev is praised, and his use of the underarm serve is debated. Is it a legitimate tactic, obnoxious, or both?

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