How To Find True Allies In Life

How many times have you been in dire need of help and the people you reached out to had amazing stories with a million reasons why they weren't able to or they forgot to or something came up? How many of those friends do see that kind of behavior from on a regular basis? How many employees? How many business partners? Who can you actually look to in your life and say "Your actions have made it clear that you really do care about me?"

Sometimes, we surround ourselves with the wrong people and don't take enough time to vet out our social circles. It's poison. Here are some things you need to know:

People lie. Numbers don't.

There's a difference between expecting someone to be perfect vs expecting someone to be competent.

A lot of the time, people say they love you more than they actually do love you.

Being cynical can cause you to have a distorted way of choosing your circle.

Sometimes it's not about listening to someone's words. It's about paying attention to their overall vibe.

Listen to the full episode to learn much more about all of these pointers!

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