Quarantine Business Building and Other Things

As the days continue to be uncertain about when all of the chaos of coronavirus will end, many people have several questions to ask. These questions may be about business, personal life and/or government. Today Tai answers tons of them with an Instagram live session. Stay tuned!

Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Although many businesses are failing, some are skyrocketing right now.

  • Grow your knowledge during this quarantine and read books to pass time!

  • There's no "beginners" stock in the stock market. 

  • It's crucial to have people in your circle that are agreeable with you.

  • B2B (business to business) consulting is a brilliant way to take advantage of this quarantine.

  • There's always someone doing life better than you. Get over it.

  • There's always money out there, you just have to find where it is. 

  • Incentivize a goal rather than punish a failure.