3 lessons from doing $150 million/year in e-commerce

Master the 12 divisions of business: http://www.tailopezproducts.com/nwm3

There are 12 divisions of business that you must be good at in order to scale to 8 or more figures. You can apply these lessons even if you are at a smaller scale or just getting started.

In this episode, I cover each of the 12 divisions of business that you need to master.
You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of problems that you solve, so if there is a division of business that you don’t like, it might be your biggest competitive edge because other entrepreneurs might not like it either.

I have been building out a mastermind specifically for entrepreneurs who want to scale. You can find out more about it here: http://www.tailopezproducts.com/nwm3

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