Can I Make 300 People Wealthy? I have a simple goal for myself. I want to make 300 people insanely wealthy. And I’m not talking about making people who already have a ton of money wealthier. I’m talking about helping ordinary people create financial independence from themselves. That’s because I want to help the people who were just like me. The ones who don’t come from a family of money and aren’t lucky enough to have received an inheritance. And I know this sounds like a bit of a lofty goal, creating 300 wealthy people… But the truth is, I have already been creating wealthy people through my programs for years now. And with the evolution of snapchat, people write me so much that I actually get to document people’s progress as it’s happening. For example, two months ago I first opened my Social Media Marketing Agency course where I teach people how to get businesses to pay you to help grow their social medias. This was the first time I opened up the curtains to how I grew my YouTube and Facebook accounts to just about 700,000 subscribers/Likes. But the thing about social media is that it’s not enough to just have followers. My program teaches step by step techniques on how to monetize your following, no matter how big or small it may be. And only a few weeks after the launch of my program, I had someone message me saying that my program is helping them make 20k a week. Click here to learn more about how to start your Social Media Marketing Agency - (I actually inserted the screenshot of this message in the video above) And a question I get all the time from my peers in the entrepreneur world is why do you share your secrets. Aren’t you just creating more competition for yourself, Tai? While it is true that I am creating more competition for myself. The reason I created this Social Media Marketing Agency program is because I’ve spoken at Harvard and London Business School, which are the top 2 universities in the world. And after talking to those kids, I am more then aware that everyone doesn’t have $200,000 to invest into an Ivy League education. And to be completely honest. Most of those Ivy League kids I spoke to don’t even have the money themselves. They’re just going deeper and deeper into debt. The educational system is a real problem in the world that needs to be fixed. People are going into huge amounts of debt without learning money-making skills to even get themselves out of it. And now they’ll literally be stuck paying off these student loans for the next 3,4 or 5 decades of their lives. But instead of complaining about the system. I’ve decided to do my part and “be the change I wanted to see.” So if you want to learn step by step techniques on how to land big clients and have them pay you to manage their social media. Click this link below more about your ad choices. Visit