Tai Lopez NFT: Scam Or Real? Fxnction asks hard questions!

The first podcast to talk about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of The OG (Original Garage) Social Club NFT launch!

Business will humble you. I’ve been doing business for a while, and there are still times I look back and think about what I should’ve done differently.

Fxnction is one of the more respected people in the NFT space. A lot of people on Twitter said I should talk to him after the first OG NFT mint.

After talking with him, I already see at least 3 things that I could improve upon for the launch of my NFT.

This is the podcast you want to listen to if you want to take a look at the intention behind launching The OG (Original Garage) Social Club.

Fxnction, my business partner Alex Mehr, Ph.D. and I talk about the reality behind why my NFT offers the utility it does, and how other celebrities have come and gone from the NFT space.

We might even have a plan for people to put their money where their mouth is when betting against me haha.

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