200- What We Need is Speed- Henk Kraaijenhof

Highlights of Episode 200  


"Hit the Gym with a Strength Coach" - Henk Kraaijenhof, author of What We Need is Speed is on to talk about:
  • the book
  • His early days with elite athletes
  • Individualization
  • What can we learn from the elite athlete
  • Speed Myths
  • LTAD and Windows of Opportunity
  • Strength guidelines
  • and so much more
  "Coaches Corner with Coach Boyle"- Coach Boyle talks about
  • The MBSC Winter Seminar
  • Takeaways from Henk's Kraaijenhof's book "What We Need is Speed"
  • a StrengthCoach.com Forum thread "What is Strength & Conditioning?"
    Check out Coach Boyle's Functional Strength Coach 6  



"Ask the Equipment Experts with Perform Better" - Erin McGirr joins us to talk about the New Sale, the One Day in Baltimore and the MFR Stick

"The Business of Fitness with Results Fitness University"- Rachel Cosgrove is on to talk about "Looking at the Bigger Picture and Designing Your Life""

"The Functional Movement Systems Segment"- No Segment Today, we did it last Episode for 199.5.  Check it out here

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