William Johnson- Racism in Fitness: What Can We Do Better- Part 5

Highlights of Episode 287

William Johnson, Strength & Conditioning Coach and entrepreneur, is on for part 5 of a 6-part series on Racism in Fitness.
We spoke about:

1.  How he is doing during a really stressful and challenging time
2.  His personal experiences with racism in life and the fitness profession
3.  Not seeing himself as a representative of fitness in the media 
4.  Perceptions of the black community in regard to Physical Nature vs. Intellectual Contributions
5.  Representation of People of Color in Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Why Standardize Testing can hold people back
6.  How resumes from black coaches can be more scrutinized and "whitened"
7.  Barriers into entrepreneurship 
8.  What trainers and coaches can do better 

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