Dr. Jennifer Hutton- Racism in Fitness: What Can We Do Better- Part 2

Highlights of Episode 284


Dr. Jennifer Hutton, a pediatric physical therapist, is on for part 2 of a 6-part series on Racism in Fitness.
We spoke about:

1. How she is doing during a really stressful and challenging time
2. Her personal experiences with racism in fitness
3. What is Racial Trauma?
4. Defining Allyship and the different stages
5. Doing a "Self Interrogation" 
6. Understanding how "Thought Viruses" can affect you
7. Taking action for the long haul.
8- How fit pros can examine their settings

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Dr. Hutton has chosen the National Association of Black Physical Therapists

Also, check out Dr. Hutton's webinar "Anti-Racism and Allyship for the Rehab and Movement Professional"

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