TSS 046 - Cryptocurrencies, Podcasting, & Publishing W/ Paul Teague

Paul Teague is a tech superwhizz and author extraordinaire. Writing thriller and sci-fi fiction in the way of his ‘The Grid’ and ‘Secret Bunker’ series, as well as a healthy bucketful of non-fiction texts for authors and entrepreneurs, Paul has been riding the wave of digital entrepreneurship since the days when Dan was nose deep in Pokemon Silver.

Paul is also the host of the ever-popular ‘Self-Publishing Journeys’ podcast where he breaks down and beats out the habits of the industry’s top performers, has recently been stepping his toe into the BookBub game, and has just started a brand new cryptocurrency podcast with writer pal, Alison Ingleby.

Welcome to the show non-fiction author, P Teague, sci-fi author, Paul Teague, and thriller author, Paul J Teague.

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