SJ FAV: Kaitlin Howitt - Creatress & Alchemist tells us how to take our relationships to the next level

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Welcome to episode NUMBER 7 of The Stacey June Show.

On this episode, Australia's OG Podcast Queen Stacey June sits down with Kaitlin Howitt to discuss how she has found herself having a purpose to live as her truest self and to show others how to do the same. Working with women on how to empower themselves, along with her partner she works with couples on how to go deeper and she also works with young girls moving into womanhood. In this episode Kat and Stace discuss how this work is all an action. To get to know yourself, work though the rubble and come out on the other side all takes commitment. They chat about sabotage and how we are all guilt as well as how to take your relationship to the next level as a "conscious" relationship. (They also discuss what a conscious relationship even is!)

Kaitlin is someone who offers daily inspiration and thought nuggets on her Instagram account. It is all incredibly giving and she is someone that is here to help us grow.

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