Emmylou MacCarthy - Social Media Success Story - on manifesting, depression and confidence.

Emmylou not only shines but ensures the whole room shines along with her. 

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Welcome to episode NUMBER 5 of The Stacey June Show.

On this episode, Australia's OG Podcast Queen Stacey June sits down with EmymyLou MacCarthy (EmmyLou Loves) to discuss how she has dominated the Instagram Story (including who films her), her journey to manifesting attending the #Logies2018 and her growing career. She also shares her story behind her #confidenceiscontagious movement.

Emmy shares her journey. Period. Not the start, not the end, she shares the now. This includes being a mum, her home cooking recipes, wanting to achieve her dreams and her online business. She has a great sense of wisdom for those wanting to crack into the Entertainment Industry.

The Stacey June Show is a podcast that has been built to celebrate your differences, find the funny in the f*cked and give you the tools to help you be the person you know you can be. Make no mistake - this is no motivational meme. The conversations with thought leaders, celebs and experts who go deep, will leave you set to make the changes you have always desired and introduce you to your inner spark. Practical, funny and useful in one.

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