Loretta Carraro on the healing and manifesting power of crystals

love, money, self worth, abundance, strength, courage, cleansing, healing trauma, removing emotional blocks... crystals have the power to attract and shift it all.

Welcome to episode NUMBER 64 of The Stacey June Show.

Loreatta is a Reiki, mentor and energy healer. And Stace sat down with her to discuss everything she's ever wanted to know about crystals - How to use them rather than just have them sitting around the house. How to buy them? How to know what to do with them? Stace and Loretta cover it all.

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Hey Guys, did you learn something about yourself on this episode? Are you unsure I made sense? Do you need to sit with this? Listen back to it if you need. I would love to hear your thoughts, where you are at with this topic or a suggestion of what I can cover next week!

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