The Sunday 7 - The search for Disease X, NASA’s new Space Race, Will Guyatt on the dangers of Volt Typhoon and Mark Zuckerberg reviews the Apple Vision Pro

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Today's episode includes the following guests:


  • Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus - Director General World Health Organisation  
  • Antoine Flahault - Epidemiologist and Professor of Public Health at the University of Geneva
  • Dr Isaac Bogoch - Infectious Disease Physician 
  • Dr Dana Hawkinson - Oregon 
  • Dr Mike Ryan - WHO Executive Director of the Health Emergencies Programme 
  • Will Guyatt - The Smart 7’s Tech Guru 
  • Thomas Moore - Sky’s Science and Medical Correspondent
  • Dr David Whitehouse - Former BBC News Science Editor 
  • Kinsley Boyette - Assistant Director of the North Carolina Aquarium 
  • Mark Zuckerberg - Founder / CEO of Meta 
  • Daniel Harrison - Oceanographer and Associate Professor at the Southern Cross University  
  • Dr Dom Moule and Dr Kate Hornby - Wild Side Vets, Cumbria 

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