The Sunday 7 - Alzheimer’s Disease with a new drug comes new hope, Microplastics in your Roast Dinner, Reef Insurance and Monkeypox gets a rebrand...

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Today's episode includes the following guests:


  • Dr Emer MacSweeney - CEO and Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health
  • Sian Gregory - Research Information Manager at the Alzheimers Society
  • Faye Couceiro - Reader in Biogeochemistry & Environmental Pollution at the University of Portsmouth
  • Professor Shaji Sebastian - Consultant Gastroenterologist at Hull University
  • Makalea Ane - Community Engagement Lead at the Nature Conservancy
  • Caroline Smith - Head of Earth Sciences Collections at the Natural History Museum
  • Dr. Jay Varma - Director of the Cornell Center for Pandemic Prevention and Response at Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Dr Sam Parnia - Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Director of Critical Care and Resuscitation Research at NYU School of Medicine
  • Professor Paul Barrett - Head of Fossil Vertebrates at the Natural History Museum

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