35: Val Thorens Zip Wire, Magic Pass v. SnowPass & Grimentz Zinal

In Episode 35, Jim reports on his recent visit to Grimentz in Switzerland while Iain tests the new zip wire in Val Thorens.
We look at the success of the Magic Pass, the new SnowPass, find out how to store your skis over summer and which resort is the most visited in the world...
Show Notes
Marmots might be cuddly, but they caused the black death and eating them raw is a bad idea (just in case you were thinking about it).
Val Thorens closed on 05 May with 30cm of fresh snow on the floor
Iain tried out the new three-stage zip wire in Val Thorens in April.
La Plagne was top of 'Most Visited Ski Resorts' list from the International Report on Snow & Mountain Tourism.
Snowpass goes on sale on 12 May
Magic Pass is already on sale for 2019/20
Magic Pass ski resorts saw lift pass volume +30% (compared to +10% across all Switzerland) with revenue +27% (+9% for all CH) #skistat #magicpass #LISTEX #LISTEX2019
Iain interviewed Paddy Griffith from Huski at LISTEX on the challenges of growing a new business.
Thanks to Merlin 127 for his 5-star review on iTunes.
Simon from Waxoff.fr shared his tips on how to store your skis over the summer.
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