A Ski Podcast Special: Q&A with Graham Bell

In this one off special, Jim and Iain were joined by BBC Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell.

Questions were sent in advance or submitted live by our community and included:

- Have you ever snowboarded? (Keith Webb) 
- Is there any country you see joining traditional powerhouses on the World Cup circuit in the future? (Steve Whitaker)
- Will we ever see a Chinese skier on a downhill podium? (Iain)
- Who is the best skier you have ever skied with or raced against? (Keith Webb)
-  I would love to know how you filmed opening titles for Ski Sunday - it never ceases to amaze me (Helena Taylor)
- Will Ski Sunday include more mogul skiing next season, as the GB mogul team was very successful last year? (Kay Bates)

You can watch the Q&A on our Facebook page here (http://www.facebook.com/1768925610081580/videos/299568544554748) .