51: Digging Holes in the Snow, a New Ski Show & COVID-19

This week your hosts Jim and Iain are joined live by Rob Stewart - organiser of the UK's proposed new Ski Show.
There's no elephant in the room as we start off with a deep-dive into the devastating impact the Coronavirus has had on the ski industry.
Dave Burrows joins us with some avalanche advice, we interview the author of 'Aiming High' and you can win some stuff by giving us a review.
 The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism (https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/) for their support.
The big news: yes, we are on the 7 Best Ski Podcasts (https://radseason.com/best-ski-podcasts-to-listen-to-this-winter/) list by Rad Season
Did you hear about this thing called the Coronovirus? We discuss its impact on the ski industry, last week, right now and in the future
In more cheery news the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival and Magazine have both been cancelled (https://www.inthesnow.com/londons-telegraph-ski-show-cancelled/)
But the positive news is that a new ski show is planned, to be held at The Ski Centre in Hemel Hempstead in September
Iain enjoyed his last runs of the season in Arosa and Andermatt in Switzerland
Jim goes into a hole with Dave Burrows in our Avalanche Feature
Watch out for our one-off Avalanche special coming out soon
Thanks to Pat MacInnes for your 5-star review
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Jim and Iain are reading ‘Aiming High (https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/138683990?iid=233391534250) ‘ the biography of Erna Low in Ski Book Group
Iain interviewed Mark Frary, author of the book
Coming up in Episode 52…
The World’s Most Prolific Ski Thief
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Andermatt
Iain and Jim review ‘Aiming High’