42: London Ski Show, High 5 Festival, Porsche chairlifts & Chemmy Alcott

In Episode 42 Iain visits the London Ski & Snowboard Festival, while Jim checks out the Annecy 'equivalent' at the High Five Festival. There's interviews with Chemmy Alcott on racing weight, info on motorhomes, new lifts from Porsche and much more. 
The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism (https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/) for their support.
Show Notes
We are delighted to announce our new partner: Switzerland Tourism (https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/)
There are new lifts by Porsche this winter in Gstaad and Arosa
There is a Hublot lift in Zermatt (https://www.hublot.com/en/partnerships/zermatt-matterhorn)
Iain was at the London Ski & Snowboard Festival (https://skiandsnowboard.co.uk/)
Sir Ranulph Fiennes was a bigger draw than Iain (who presented in the TalkZone about Ski Flight Free (http://skiflightfree.org/) )
Iain in the Talkzone
Jim visited the High Five Festival (https://highfive-festival.com/) in Annecy
Iain interviewed Jamie Barrow at the London show about his record-breaking plans for 2020
We've previously interviewed Jamie a couple of times (https://theskipodcast.com/tag/jamie-barrow/) . You must listen to Episode 4, which covers his experiences in North Korea (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-4-jamie-barrow-north-korea-ed-sheeran/) .
Iain spoke to Chemmy Alcott about the challenges for a professional skier in trying to hit 'racing weight' 
You can listen to previous interviews with Chemmy in Episodes 24 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-24-billy-morgan-chemmy-alcott-v-graham-bell-snow-farming-in-courchevel/) and 25
Jim spoke with Hannah from Winterised, about motorhomes in ski resorts, a topic we covered in Episode 40 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-40-summer-skiing-in-saas-fee-rowing-machines-on-mt-blanc-motorhomes-in-ski-resorts/)
Frank Saffery kindly gave us this review (after listening to our feature on Japan in Episode 41 (https://theskipodcast.com/resorts/meribel/episode-41-hakuba-in-japan-women-only-in-meribel-single-skier-advice/) )
Having gone back and listened to all your backcasts. Also having lived my entire adult life in Japan it’s good to have some exposure here.
Thanks to 'sdstarr' from across the pond in the States, who gave us this 5-star review on Apple Podcasts: 
Michael Bury kindly send us this, also about Episode 41:
Just sent the link to my son, Jack Bury he's off to Niseko for the season 
 We were also delighted to hear from Frankie at Inghams (https://www.inghams.co.uk/ski-holidays) after Mike's comments on their Japan package: 
It was really great to listen to your Japan expert though – fascinating! Do note that our trips to Japan are of variable durations, so they can be longer that a 7-nights should guests prefer.
In our 'Ask Jim & Iain' feature we tackled the question 'How do I spot a good looking helmet?' Safety and fit is more important than how it looks, but there was a divide on whether sunnies should be worn with a helmet! 
 The 'punter gap' issue was more clear cut
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Coming up in Episode 43 - Part 2 of Jim's interview with Hannah from Winterised - Iain finds out about Laax, baby - Lots more…