41: Hakuba in Japan, Women-only in Méribel & Single Skier Advice

In Episode 41 Iain finds out a women-only snowboard camp in Méribel, Jim talks to Mike about his adventures in Hakuba, Japan and we discuss why you should never ring a specialist travel agency if you're travelling on your own. 
Show Notes
Iain was at the winter edition of LISTEX (https://www.listex.co.uk/)
We’ve chatted about Brexit in detail previously in Episode 8 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-8-brexit-speed-limits-dave-ryding/) and Episode 20 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-20-brexit-again-junior-worlds-success-author-interviews/)
James Gambrill presented his research about UK consumers. You can view his slideshow with all the stats here
The ‘Zuke (https://zuke.ski/new-index) ’ was one of the products pitched in the LISTEX Dragon's Den
Iain interviewed Corinne Matthews (‘Cozza’) about Ticket To Ride’s Womens’ Only Snowboarding Camp (https://www.tickettoridegroup.com/snowboard-courses-Snowboard%20Camps) in Méribel
This week’s ‘Ask Jim and Iain’ feature is a question about single travellers
Neither of us recommend you ring a specialist ski travel agency
Try Skiworld or Solos Holidays (https://www.solosholidays.co.uk/ski) , or maybe join one of the Snowheads (http://snowheads.com/) trips
Hannah James enjoyed our feature in Episode 40 about motorhomes in ski resorts, especially as she’s done a lot of it herself. You can check out her blog at www.winterised.com (https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.winterised.com&sa=D&usd=2&usg=AOvVaw27GuYTzlLdS5ZvYSGOQHPc) and we’ll be interviewing her in a later episode.
Jim interviewed Pod regular Mike Richards about Hakuba in Japan (https://www.hakubavalley.com/en/) , which is now an Inghams destination
Mike has previously been on the pod discussing skiing in Montenegro (https://theskipodcast.com/resorts/tignes/episode-39-montenegro-ladies-only-ski-camps-summer-in-morzine/) and Georgia (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-37-skiing-in-georgia-buying-a-piste-basher-the-future-of-chalet-holidays/)  
Frank Saffery asked on Facebook 'if you had some Japan features' – we did also cover Niseko in Episode 32 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-32-japow-mcski-chill-factore-ski-val-go-bust/)
Danny Mayes asked if he could hear something about Andorra or the Pyrénées – we have featured the French Pyrénées in Episode 9 (https://theskipodcast.com/podcast/episode-9-snowmaggedon-boozy-brits-the-french-pyrenees/) and Episode 33 (https://theskipodcast.com/resorts/tignes/episode-33-drug-dealers-in-ski-resorts-mogul-technique-french-pyrenees-skiing-at-220-km-h/) and Iain is travelling to Cauterets in February
Thanks to Zeid for his kind comments: "Thank you so much for creating this podcast"
The London Ski Festival (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/ski/news/how-to-be-a-better-skier-at-the-telegraph-ski-snowboard-festival/) runs from 24-27 October
Jim and Iain would love to read ‘My Story’ by Eddie the Eagle, but only if it’s less expensive than £100