82: Debbi Reber - On Differently Wired Kids

3 years ago Debbie and her family moved from Seattle to the Netherlands.  At that time, Debbie and her husband made the decision to homeschool their son Asher, who is “differently wired”.  Asher is profoundly gifted and has ADHD and Aspergers.  He is extremely intelligent, curious and compassionate – in short, an amazing kid. 


When Debbie decided to homeschool Asher, she stepped aside from her traditional author role and began a authoring a new story – the story of the life she and Asher were building as they navigated through the huge transitions of an international move and A LOT of togetherness in their homeschooling adventure. 


Through this journey Debbie and Asher created TiLT – an incredible online resource for families with differently wired kids.  


Listen in to hear Debbie share:

  • The advantages and challenges of homeschooling a differently wired child (in a new country)
  • The power of personal development for kids – and how to get them started
  • How to lean in to your child’s uniqueness rather than fight it or try to fix it
  • Steps to creating an impenetrable bond with your child who is differently wired than you



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Debbie’s Author Site: http://www.debbiereber.com