Essentialism - Get the Mental Clarity to Pursue What Actually Matters with Greg McKeown

In this episode we look at the real strategy for producing breakthrough results, high contribution and personally satisfying work .The last time someone asked you how you were doing - did you answer “Busy?” Then this episode is for you. We explore why smart, capable people end up plateauing and failing. We examine the culture of busyness that has overtaken us and examine how to avoid the traps of getting overwhelmed and focusing on the wrong things. We share strategies for determining what’s important, eliminating the non-essential, and making execution effortless with our guest Greg McKeown.
Greg McKeown is an international keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Greg has spoek at events around the world including SXSW and interviewing Al Gore at the World Economic Forum, where he serves as a Young Global Leader. Greg has worked with some of the largest and well known companies in the world and his work has been featured on Fox, NPR, NBC, and praised by many more.How do smart, capable people end up plateauing and failing?Success breeds options and opportunities, which can eventually undermine successSuccess can actually be a catalyst for failure via "the undisciplined pursuit of more"You have to become “successful at success,” success itself must be managed if we are to get to the next levelEssentialism is a continually process and a disciplined pursuit of lessThe three key strategies of essentialism are:Explore what’s essentialEliminate the non-essentialMake Execution as effortless as possibleThe forces of success are such that they tend to naturally push us away from that process of focusing on the essentialOur old responses are necessary but not sufficient to the challenge of focusing on the essentialDo you ever feel busy but not productive?Do you ever feel like your life is being hijacked by other people’s agendas?It’s not just about eliminating the time wasters, but also eliminating the good opportunities tooWe have to shift more deliberately than we have, more deliberately than we think we need to. We must become FAR more selective in what we go afterDoes this sound familiar: How are you? “Busy"What does the science say about being productive?The second most highly correlated item that distinguishes TOP PERFORMERS from good performers - is the number of hours of sleepIt’s not about doing more thing's its doing more of the RIGHT THINGS“First less, then obsess"The essentialist mindset can help both your personal and your professional lifeThe idea is not called “no-ism”  - the key is to figure out what IS essential - what’s the most important thing we could be doing - and then DO THATThe most graceful no is actually saying YES to something that’s more important. Yes to a bigger and more important opportunity.  How do you say no gracefully? How do you overcome the discomfort of telling people (especially your boss) NO?Are you falling prey to "Bertolt-Becht Thinking”? (and why that might be dangerous)What will matter when I’m no longer in the picture?This is what we need to do in order to not waste our lives Self actualization is not the same as self transcendence - and why that distinction is essential (no pun intended) to understand "Reducing oneself to zero""Humility and simple truth is more powerful than empire"How to cultivate a self-transcendent perspectiveThe most important thing to do is to figure out the most important thing to do is and to do itHomework - begin a daily reflection a journal - even just one sentence a day
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