Rouleur Podcast 17.1

When Rouleur Editor Ian Cleverly found a photograph of disgraced Tour De France winner Floyd Landis surrounded by marijuana plants he knew there was only one person - or maybe two - for the job. That's how Morten Okbo and photographer Jakob Kristian Sorenson found themselves in Las Vegas with Floyd, Dave Zabriskie and the mysterious Wolfman, looking for a weed convention. Having driven there in a 200-mph supercar on the Rouleur tab. Morten says he can't remember much about the trip, but he's written it up for this edition of the magazine and he talks about it on the podcast. Plus, praying for a wet Paris-Roubaix, Belgium's go-to collarbone fixer, the Rouleur Competition and - why is this edition called 17.1 and not 68? You'll have to listen to find out. For information regarding your data privacy, visit