Rouleur Podcast January - Grand Tours Preview and Seb Piquet - "Voice of the Tour"

Rouleur editor Andy McGrath and Ian Parkinson pore over the three Grand Tours of 2019 and consider the possibilities. Can Simon Yates return to the Giro d’Italia to correct unfinished business and take the maglia rosa all the way to the finish this time out? Will Team Sky go out with a bang at their final Tour de France before the sponsor leaves and its star riders are (potentially) scattered to the winds for 2020? And will the Vuelta prove, as so often, to be the least predictable and mountainous of the three-week races? Shorter stages and brutal climbs abound in September. No surprises there…

 Seb Piquet is the voice of Radio Tour – keeping teams, journalists and officials abreast of developments on the road during the Tour de France and other ASO races. It’s a gripping job and he’s a fascinating chap. Plus Rouleur’s Desire editor Stuart Clapp, another fascinating chap (well, he has his moments), visits the British national cyclo-cross championships and thoroughly enjoys the racing – and warm cider. And is the bucket hat, de rigueur for ‘90s ravers and Gallagher brothers alike, coming back courtesy of EF Education First and Rapha? Get one on, matey.

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