RRP: “Twas the shite before Christmas” - Sunderland AFC 0-3 Coventry City Reaction!

Sunderland were left embarrassed by Coventry at the SoL in Michael Beale's first game in charge - Gav and Martin were there and react to everything that happened. What went wrong? We're about to find out...

What's the festive crack? 

  • Well, that was tough - so what went wrong? 

  • Ba's performance left a lot to be desired, but he didn't deserve the boos in Gav's opinion. 

  • The atmosphere in the ground was... strange. 

  • Why couldn't Sunderland convert dominance into goals (again)

  • Sunderland's defending was crap and it needs fixing ASAP but could it be helped by the attackers not randomly losing the ball after running into a dead end? Who knows. 

  • Will Beale/Dodds use this performance to change things up at Hull? 

  • All this and more! A Merry Christmas to one and all…

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