RRP: "Tony's Fluorescent Adolescents" - Blackburn 1 - 3 Sunderland Reaction & Cardiff Preview!


What a match that was man. After picking themselves up off the floor our Gav and Chris sat back down to pick apart another three points on the road, try to put into words what we just witnessed and somehow preview our upcoming home fixture against Cardiff City on Sunday! 

(Cheers for the title idea @Rachaelthex91) 

What's the crack? 

  • JACK THE LAD! He's only gone and done it again hasn't he the absolutely gorgeous b*stard. The EFL Championship's current top scorer is on fire! 

  • DAN NEIL STRIKES BACK! Absolute stunner from our young midfield maestro to get us back in front; Has he been underrated so far this season? 

  • Luke O'Nien plays where he wants; some insanity at the back but the Lads got it done any way they possibly could. Hopefully not too a serious knock for Dan Ballard? 

  • Pure unadulterated chaos; Are we all ok after that? Everyone got their sedatives aye? Maybe some warm milk or some… valium… 

  • Sunderland are now fourth in the league and our main "senior" forward hasn't kicked a ball yet. Not bad going really is it for the red and white wizards? 

  • Aye. Cardiff at the Stadium of Light on Sunday so how are we feeling ahead of that challenge? Ridiculously confident? Nervous? Bit of both? 

  • Gav gets carried away with it all (again), we read out your three word reviews and more! 

Ha'way the Lads! 

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