RRP: "The Wayne Rooney Effect" - The Sunderland AFC 3-1 Birmingham City Review!

Gav halts his weekend bender (temporarily) to chat with our Chris Wynn about Sunderland's 3-1 victory over old Wayne Rooney's Birmingham City at the Stadium of Light this afternoon! 

What's the crack?

  • That's a lovely way to enter an international break isn't it? How we all feeling after that? 

  • Huggins is the boy; after an injury to Cirkin in the warm-up brought in another of our less experienced lads in Nectar Triantis, Niall managed to not only be exactly where he was needed at the back, but also made a brilliant run to help secure all three points.

  • Clarke's class and Jobe's job done; great performances from both but Roberts seemed to struggle after a dodgy challenge and then card from another terrible referee. 

  • Some interesting subs from Mowbray paid off in the end as the Lads settled into a good rhythm in the second half despite losing a well performing Rusyn up top; Adil showed his class once again and got a goal for his troubles and Mayenda - who looks like some player - attempted to decapitate John Ruddy for a laugh.

  • Was that a weird game to try and review? The lads try work out where exactly they stand and Gav remembers to slip in your three word reviews!

  • Poor Wayne continues to look like he's not got a clue why he's in football management; good luck to Birmingham for the remainder of this season. 

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads! 

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