RRP: THE FOOTBALL IS BACK! - George Elek of NTT20 joins us to preview the SAFC 23/24 Championship Season!

Aye the long wait is over lads and lasses as the new season is finally upon us! Our beloved Lads are back in action later today against newly promoted Ipswich Town and so our Chris Wynn sat down with EFL specialist, NTT20 host, Sky Sports and BBC pundit and the rest - Mr George Elek - for a chat about what expectations are for Sunlun and the rest of the sides in the 23/24 EFL Championship! 

What's the crack? 

  • It's been a long time coming, so is everyone suitably excited for the long season ahead? 

  • How has George been since we last spoke and what has he made of Sunderland's progress under Speakman, as well as our top six finish last season under Tony Mowbray? 

  • How bold is the approach we've taken to recruitment (from the outside looking in) and should more sides be looking to implement such a model? 

  • Does George see any reason Sunderland fans shouldn't be looking at the top six again this season?

  • What's occurring around the division - are the sides who fell looking strong enough to make an immediate return to the Premier League? Could we see more shocks this year than last? 

  • Chris had the misfortune to spend last weekend very drunk in Warsaw with a couple of very confident Ipswich fans (who George also happens to know personally) so are they right to be confident in his opinion? Does Chris want to know the answer? 

  • Has anyone in League One missed us since we left (as we honestly don't really miss them) and the lads dip into a bit of discussion about the Wrexham trend..

  • All this and much, much more! 

Ha'way the Lads!

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