RRP: Start the next season now? - SAFC expectations, tangents & Sunderland 1-1 Luton reaction!

Our Gav and Chris sat down to record a short and simple reaction to a pretty dull Sunderland draw with Luton at the weekend, only to end up slipping off on a long tangent or two regarding the decisions the SAFC hierarchy face as we head into the final games of the 22/23 Championship season! 

What's the crack? 

  • How do the lads feel after that performance? 

  • Did Luton even want it on the day, or did we just not want it enough? 

  • If we are going to "attack the end of the season" shouldn't we maybe like, just do it, aye?

  • Too much Joffy, not enough Jewi - There's an ongoing concern over the role Gelhardt plays in the side. Do we play better without the lad? Would he still be selected at this point if he was one of our own young lads? 

  • Up the tempo - we have a bit of an issue with coming out the blocks at times, could this be remedied with better team management and team selection? Could Mowbray's substitutions and changes be more decisive and timely? 

  • How do we think the Sunlun hierarchy want to approach the end of this season? Is it likely to be similar to how the fans would like them to approach it? 

  • It's not mathematically impossible to make the playoffs but it's looking unlikely, so should we be looking to get minutes into the lads we know we'll be needing like.. next season? 

  • It's not been a bad season so far has it really? Have we achieved all we set out to achieve as a club? 

  • All this and many more tangents! Ha'way the Lads! 

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