RRP: "Podcasting at g*npoint" - Reaction to Stoke 2-1 Sunderland & Previewing Leicester v SAFC!

Gav and Chris return to action and find themselves reacting to a loss against Stoke City in a pretty shit and extremely Stoke-esque game marred by a mixture of tactical mistakes, Stoke themselves and PGMOL apology worthy errors from more useless officials. 

What's the Crack? 

Two weeks of waiting for 90+ minutes of frustration; how do the lads feel about it all? 

Mowbray made some changes to the line-up and opted to keep all our strikers on the bench before later throwing all our strikers on the pitch; would he have been wise to maybe use one or two from the beginning? 

Though everyone was delighted to see Pierre Ekwah back on the pitch and Jobe did his best with the role he was forced to play, how much did we miss the presence of Dan Neil in the middle of the park? 

Another match, another terrible example of modern officiating; considering we only lost the use of a key player over 135 minutes of football because of the decision making of a referee whose general incompetence drew an official apology from PGMOL, we were daft enough to think they'd try a bit harder. Unfortunately they doubled down. 

How did that goal stand? How did they not see it? Were we denied a penalty again towards the end of the match and can we trade in these apologies for points or, if all else fails, alcohol? Maybe a consistent, sensible and professional official or two? 

Stoke are just so… Stoke. Has Alex Neil been imbued with the spirit of Tony Pulis? Suppose we should give him some credit for managing to take advantage of our weaknesses. 

So Leicester City away on Tuesday; how do Gav and Chris see this one playing out? Are we expecting some sort of response from both Mowbray and the players? 

The lads work their way through a wonderful list of enthusiastic, positive and glowing three word reviews from their fellow fans! 

All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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