RRP: Paddy (Roberts) Power - Sunderland 1-0 Reading Reaction & Previewing QPR Away!

Our Chris and Phil sat down to react to taking yet another three points off Reading this season, after Paddy Roberts and the Lads finally broke through against what many have described as one of the worst footballing sides to have visited the Stadium of Light in years, as well as quickly looking ahead to our visit to QPR on Tuesday night! 

What's the crack? 

  • Well that was certainly something from our opponents wasn't it...

  • Can Ince be blamed for setting them up like that? Was it more on us to break them down?

  • The best form of defence is a tash; the rise (and rise) of Trai Hume! 

  • Some good old Patrick Roberts magic; what did the lads make of that goal and his performance overall? 

  • Just how good is Dan Ballard? 

  • Are the Reading forwards a great example of why getting someone in for the sake of it isn't always a great idea? 

  • Uncle Tony's Supersubs; following that slog of a first half the lads needed a bit more bite and so the gaffer once again deployed his 'hoy the kitchen sink at them' tactic. Seemed to do the trick.

  • QPR on Tuesday; they're not having a great time of it these past several months, so how do the lads see this panning out (on the Sky red button for those not able to make the trip) and what changes do we expect (if any) from Mogga?

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads! 

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