RRP: "Once more unto the breach, lads and lasses" - The Preston v Sunderland AFC Preview!

Aye lads and lasses, there's a bit going on this weekend, but frankly nothing as important as Sunderland's upcoming fixture against Preston North End on what is shaping up to be a thrilling and nervy finish to the 22/23 EFL Championship season on Monday! Our Gavin Henderson and Chris Wynn sat down to try and predict the outcome for all the sides in the race and to look at how Tony Mowbray and the Lads might approach (what could be) our final game of the campaign!

What's the crack?

  • Promotion or not, we can't say we're not proud of what the Lads have achieved this season can we?

  • So how do we all feel? Are we going into this relaxed and confident or utterly f***ing terrified? Aye.

  • What did the lads make of Tony Mowbray's press conference? Does he sound like he's thinking of anything besides a win?

  • Michut-gate; Mogga was noncommittal when asked about Michut's future at the club. Are we reading too much into it?

  • Looking at the sides around us; who do we think will come out on top as Millwall take on Blackburn Rovers, West Brom face off with Swansea, and our old friends Boro meet our old friends Coventry...

  • How do Preston look currently? We got just about what we needed against Watford after a struggle, but will PNE approach the game the same way? Hopefully there's a few of them already on the beach.

  • Chris tries to trick the Gods of footy into thinking he's not confident by pissing all over our parade (with love) but is countered once again by Gav's boundless optimism.

  • All this and much more! HAWAY THE LADS!


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