RRP: “New Year Revolutions” - Catching up on everything SAFC this year so far with a listener Q&A!

Aye we didn't exactly escape anything these first two weeks of 2024, but having upgraded a few things (and taking a bit of time to haul ourselves back on the wagon for another year) we are in fact back to a more settled schedule; Kicking off with a double bill of podcasting chaos as Gav and Chris got together first - prior to Ipswich - to answer listener questions about pretty much everything that's happened since we last recorded! 

What's the crack?

  • The Mags game... did we set up properly? What did we make of the performance?

  • The SO37 display and the treatment of the volunteers online; 

  • The Ownership - some people aren't happy… 

  • The Black Cats bar fiasco - whose fault was it, and what's going to happen next? Is anything going to happen? 

  • The Transfer Window - who should we sign, who needs to leave... and will Jack Clarke go anywhere? 

  • Michael Beale - what do we make of the job done so far?

  • The Future - what will be seen as success this season?

  • All of this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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