RRP: IT WAS OFFSIDE MAN - Sunderland 1-2 Sheffield United Reaction & SAFC v Luton!

Sunderland were robbed last night by referee Matthew Donohue and his presumably partially sighted officials, not to say that the Blades were undeserving of all three points but aye, the goal that shouldn't have stood didn't help our cause. Our Gav and Chris sat down earlier today to try and wrap their heads around it all.

What's the crack? 

  • Nobody likes losing, but are there more positives to be taken from that performance than negatives for Tony Mowbray? 

  • Apologies mean f*** all - apparently the incompetent officiating was spotted by the officials themselves last night after the final whistle, but the goal still stood, so the subject of VAR in the Championship is raised again. 

  • TRES BIEN MICHUT LAD - One of our favourite little French lads went and scored didn't he… 

  • Sheffield are pretty decent themselves to be fair - quite the squad they've got there - so did the lads think we gave them a decent game? 

  • Seriously, that ref was utter shite man.

  • We get all worried about our Luke O'Nien as we don't yet know if he's actually injured - and if he is - how bad the injury is. 

  • Game management and risk assessment - It's all about finding that balance! 

  • Looking ahead to Luton Town - they're up in fourth at the moment and they don't concede many, but they don't score many either, so do we fancy our chances? 

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads, **** the refs.

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