RRP: "Green shoots and shooting boots" - Dissecting Leicester 1-0 Sunderland & looking ahead to Norwich!

Apparently not everyone enjoyed the game quite as much as these two, but Gav and Chris have a few bones to pick with Mogga over a few issues - despite finding a lot of positives to take from our performance against Leicester on Tuesday night - and look ahead to the Lads return to the Stadium of Light as we take on Norwich on Saturday! 

What's the crack? 

  • God Save Dan Neil. He's just another level isn't he? 

  • Patto had a bit more to do in this game and was just class aye. The lads will fill you in on the rest.

  • What did they make of the performance overall and how good were some of the individual performances against a side who look destined to smash all championship records on their way back to the PL; 

  • If we'd played like that against Stoke and other stories; the players really tried to show they had what it takes against quality opposition, so can they maintain that level against everyone? 

  • There's a bit of a debate about Burstow going on and some confusion over what exactly is wrong with Hemir or Rusyn getting more of a chance to show they can work in this system; Is it time to change the player or adjust the system for better results in the final third? 

  • How do we see Tony approaching Norwich on Saturday? Will he actually make the changes people want to see or will he stick with the lads he seems to trust most? 

  • Predictions and possible outcomes; should we be approaching this run of games coming up looking to get maximum points? 

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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