RRP: "Friday Night (Not Really) Live" - Previewing Sunderland AFC v Birmingham City!

Chris and Gav (they swapped sides of the table for this one) take a look as Tony Mowbray welcomes Wayne Rooney's Birmingham City circus to the Stadium of Light before another unwanted International break stops all meaningful football for a couple of weeks. 

What's the crack? 

  • How are we feeling ahead of not just the Birmingham match itself, but the dreaded international break that follows? 

  • So Wayne and friends; how are things going as the former granny sha… I mean England talisman.. tries to settle into his role at St Andrews? 

  • How shite are Birmingham generally (no offence to Birmingham fans of course) and why have they been stuck to the lower end of the Championship for this long? 

  • We've lost our primary defensive partnership for the game but are we too concerned over it? How do the lads think Tony will approach this issue? 

  • How should we be approaching this side? Do the lads think we'll get another Norwich performance or could we make things more difficult for ourselves given it's a home game? 

  • All this and more! Ha'way the Lads!

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