RRP: "Dan the Man & Jack the Lad" - Sunderland AFC 3-1 Norwich City Reaction & Analysis!

WE WON THE FOOTY AGAIN AND EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL! Aye our Gav and Chris reconvened to wax lyrical once more about the joys of comfortably winning matches as Sunderland beat a terrible Norwich side over the weekend; Jack Clarke got back to tearing things apart, Dan Neil just keeps getting better and even Trai sort of got back on the scoresheet with an absolutely intentional strike/cross because why the f*** not eh?

What's the crack?

  • PGMOL are still on a warning, but even they couldn't stop the Lads on Saturday; So how are we feeling after all that?

  • Jack Clarke and Dan Neil may just be two of the very best players in the division but try keep that to yourselves aye; the lads try to convince everyone they should stick around Sunlun for a while longer.

  • What a goal man. Just aye. Still got it on repeat.


  • A brilliant performance from all the lads; besides the aforementioned not-so-secret weapons, who really stood out for us and how confident are we heading into the Swansea game this weekend?

  • Play to the whistle Pierre; Was that offside? Should Ekwah be paying any attention to the linesman anyway?

  • There's been a mixed reaction to Rusyn's first start; what did the lads make of what he brought to the side? Is he a better option in that position than who we've seen so far?

  • Ah there's all kinds going on, from your three word reviews to Gav getting a couple goes at predicting the last result until he got it right to just pointing out how shite Norwich were. Should probably give it a listen and we'll be back midweek.


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