RRP: "Cruzcampo 12-0 Gavin" - Frustrated inebriated reaction to Sunderland AFC 1-2 Ipswich Town!

Well that was an interesting way to spend our Sunday evening! Our Gavin wandered back from the pub late last night to record a bit of reaction and rambling with Chris as they attempted to pick apart our first game of the season.

What's the crack?

  • Gav has had a drink. He'll tell you in a second.

  • Have ye had a drink Gav aye?

  • The lads try to put their initial feelings into words after a bit of a rollercoaster of a match;

  • Are we planning on learning from mistakes this season?

  • Lacking that killer instinct; They may disagree on a few things here but both agree we need to make more of our dominance on the ball.

  • Any point overreacting to the result?*

  • Can Paddy and Jack stop losing the ball please?

  • Mogga's subs; not exactly inspired yesterday.

  • What can we take away from the game overall?

  • All this and much more!

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