RRP: Cathartic Crisis Management Edition - Sunderland AFC 1-5 Stoke City Reaction!

Most of RR editorial gathered late last night to react to what can only be described as the worst performance from a Sunderland side we've seen this season, and to talk about the state of play at the club as we look ahead to a difficult few matches against the league's strongest sides. Joining our Gav Henderson for this was Chris Wynn, Phil West and the notorious - but often elusive - Craig "angryman" Chapman.

What's the crack?

  • What the utter f*** was that like? 43,000+ fans turned up to watch our complete capitulation, we think they deserved better.

  • Is that the worst performance we've ever seen at the Stadium of Light?

  • What is Tony Mowbray on? The lads try to work out just what the f*** he was thinking yesterday.

  • We all saw this coming with that team selection and setup, so why couldn't Tony see it coming?

  • Going over the recent performances of some players the lads (and listeners) ask questions like: why are poor performers still starting games? Where is the smart rotation? If it isn't working, why not fix it? Why not start Luke O'Nien in midfield?

  • Where does everyone stand currently as we look to games against Norwich, Sheffield Utd and league leaders Burnley?

  • There's a lot of discussion here, so hopefully you find it as cathartic as the lads did. Or maybe you won't...

  • Thanks for listening!

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