RRP: Birmingham 1-2 Sunderland - AMAD Lad strikes again - how far we've come this season & the World Cup break!

Thought we’d have a bit of a look at how we got to this point in the season - so our Chris Wynn, Martin Wanless and Phil West jumped on at some insane hour over the weekend to give their thoughts on that Amad assist, that Amad goal, the return of Simms to full active duties, some more talk about Ross Stewart’s contract and looking beyond the World Cup break.

What’s the crack?

  • As the lads decided to record this immediately after the game to take full advantage of all that adrenaline - How does everyone feel after that result - especially the chest clutching finish that nearly killed half the fanbase?  

  • AMAD LAD STRIKES AGAIN - Some talent isn’t he - with an assist for Ellis Simms first goal since returning from injury, to his magnificent strike in the second half… well it was his pitch on the night.

  • PATTO - 22 years old and getting better all the time.

  • A couple lads returned from injury and we’re all very pleased to see it; 

  • A nice long break; with the World Cup coming up and the Lads off for a nice trip to Dubai to warm up a little, how are we feeling knowing we’ll be returning to league action with the likes of Ross Stewart back in the starting eleven?  

  • What did Martin and Phil make of the KLD/Speakman/Jones talk? 

  • Martin has a few things to say about the Rossco contract situation and how buying low and selling high is something we should maybe be thinking about; 

  • Looking back at the season and how far we’ve come; are we going into the World Cup break in a pretty decent position all things considered?

  • Are we confident we’ll be far more comfortable come the January transfer window? 

  • Phil predicts the downfall of Gareth Southgate; something when England win the World Cup we can refer to as #WestSouthGate or #SouthWestGate or whatever works…

  • All this and more! Listen in!

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