RRP: "Behind Enemy Lines - South Yorkshire Edition" - The Sheffield Wednesday v Sunderland AFC Preview!

Following on from the breakdown of our home defeat to Cardiff at the weekend, Gav and Chris reconvene to discuss Sunderland's upcoming fixture at Hillsborough against Sheffield Wednesday (in front of the Sky cameras) on Friday night. Given that our Chris has been studying their fans down in their natural habitat of South Yorkshire for a few years now, we turn to him to ask the important questions like.. can we make them more miserable than they already are?

What's the crack?

  • Chris needs this win as he's surrounded by their lot; but just because we should win.. well.. you know the rest.

  • Yes things really are that bad down there. The fans are apathetic, agitated, annoyed, sick of the owner and the manager and the struggle. Sounds familiar.

  • In all seriousness, can we take advantage of a side that currently share a terrifying statistic with a former striker of ours? Are we tempting fate with all this? Of course aye.

  • The lads discuss the possible changes (if any) that Tony Mowbray could make, and wax lyrical about a couple of promising performances for the U21 side on Monday, as Rusyn, Rigg and Aouchiche got a decent run out;

  • Is Patto fully fit? Was Bishop held back for a reason on Monday? Is Ekwah anywhere near ready to return? What about Dack for Pritch? How many question marks can I get away with?

  • How do the lads see this all playing out? With the Sky cameras there will we be seeing a protest from their fans, or even (if he loses) the end of another Wednesday manager's time at the club?

  • All this and much more! If you don't get a reference to Saxon or Def Leppard then ask your Da or Granda or Google. Haw'ay the Lads!

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