RRP: AMAD Weekend for Mackems - A bit Sunderland AFC 3-0 Millwall Reaction!

Our Phil West and Craig Chapman sat down - following the England win over Senegal of course aye - late Sunday night to quickly go over the events of Saturday afternoon, and to celebrate a pretty decent weekend overall! 

What's the crack? 

  • So Josh Kelly won the British light-middleweight belt - the Lads put three past Millwall at the Stadium of Light - our bairns battered Liverpool's bairns - the Lasses battered Coventry - Hendo and Pickers helped England to another World Cup victory… Aye it's not been a bad weekend for Sunlun overall.

  • What did Phil and Craig make of the vital victory over the Lions on Saturday - a fairly ineffective first half performance was overshadowed by a thoroughly dominant second half from the Lads; 

  • AMAD LAD WE LOVE YOU - Ah man he's too good isn't he. 

  • Pritch got to stick the boot in for his beloved West Ham and made it absolutely clear that he does indeed hate Millwall, just lucky they don't care...

  • Simms strikes again - a few people seem to be questioning his commitment but he's not paying them much attention and scoring anyway;

  • Danny Batth was immense yet again - is he the best CB we've had since the PL? 

  • We're looking pretty good this season all things considered - has Craig started to look up rather than just settling for safety? It's tempting.

  • All this and more somehow packed into a pod half the usual length, as we've got a lot more to bring you this week! 

Ha'way the Lads! 

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