RRP: A Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Sunderland 1-1 Bristol City Review & Rotherham Away!

Our Gav and Chris got together as usual to look over all the action from the game at the weekend, just they weren't quite over that late equaliser that denied us all three points against a pretty decent Bristol City side...

What's the crack?

  • Bit of a kick to the bollocks that wasn't it?

  • We may have come away slightly disappointed, but was that a fair result?

  • HE SCORES WHEN HE WANTS; Despite not having the best of games Jack 'Maverick' Clarke scored another absolute beauty, and for that reason alone he's become quite impossible to drop.

  • What did we make of the performance overall? More positives to take away from that result than negatives?

  • Some fair (but not overly harsh) criticism of young Trai Hume's decision making that resulted in the last minute penalty; You just don't give the ref that decision to make lad.

  • Managing the minutes; Mowbray seems to be doing a decent job of it so far, but are we actually resting anyone really?

  • Should the likes of O'Nien start against Rotherham tomorrow? Is Mogga expecting a more physical battle from a side that seem to have dropped away significantly since last year?

  • All this and much more! Ha'way the Lads!

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