ROKER RAPPORT XTRA Special: Previewing Sunderland’s next game w/ Wimbledon director Ivor Heller!

Back in 2002 Ivor Heller co-founded AFC Wimbledon following one of the most ridiculous stories in modern English football history. This week he joins us to discuss the tale of his club reborn, the importance of community, real football fans, and of course their visit to the SoL this Saturday! You can listen, for free as usual, on Acast, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Get stuck in!

What are we talking about this week?

  • Ivor takes us back to the day he and others decided the only way to win the battle they seemed to have lost, was to rebuild their club, and beat their pretenders on the pitch instead;
  • We explore a common theme on the Podcasts; How your club must be an integral part of your community, and your community an integral part of your club...
  • Ivor shares his thoughts on our new ownership, our fanbase (especially the 40/50 of us in Hospitality with him at the last game) and where he see's us finishing this season;
  • The over-commercialisation of a very simple and beautiful game; His thoughts on clubs like Man Utd, and his involvement with "protest club" FC United of Manchester.
  • Ivor's players to watch this weekend; One lad may take us all by surprise!
  • Predictions, League One referees, Oviedo's hand and much more!

Another fascinating chat with another true gent of the game. A fan first and foremost. Tune In!


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