ROKER RAPPORT XTRA: Previewing Sunderland v Milton Keynes w/ 'Sit Down or We'll Steal Your Club'

Recorded prior to the cup match last night, Tony Hawkins and John Taylor from the #MKDFC Pod 'Sit Down or We'll Steal Your Club' joined Graham to discuss Saturday's match with #SAFC and the fine art of gluing Will Grigg's boots back together...

Featuring chat about their rivalry/history with AFC Wimbledon from their perspective, a look over the start to both team's season so far, getting pelted with Tennis balls on way to grounds, their honest opinion on John "Screech" Flanagan, predictions*, the unexpected managerial habits of Paul Tisdale, and the fact they know people hate them... but apparently they just don't care.

You can catch us for free as usual on iTunes, Acast, Spotify and of course YouTube - Get stuck in!


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